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  • 100% financing up to $1.5M, 95% to $2.0M, 90% to $3.0M
  • 3/6, 5/6, 7/6, 10/6 and 15/6 ARMs; 30yr and 15yr fixed
  • No PMI
  • Close up to 90 days prior to the start of employment contract
  • Available for resident, fellow, attending, and private practice medical professionals
  • Primary residence including single-family detached, townhome, condominium
  • Gift funds from family are allowed for any cash due at closing
  • No reserves required
  • Non-occupant coborrower income can be used to qualify
  • Purchase or rate-term refinancing
  • Must have at least 700 credit score
  • Must be US citizen or permanent resident alien
  • Eligible professions include MD, DO, DDS, DMD, PharmD, DVM, VMD, and DPM
  • No limit on years out of training when relocating; 15-year limitation if moving locally

Physician loans are different animals.  They have different rules and qualifying criteria.  No feeling is worse than not qualifying for the loan after you’re pre-approved. It makes for a REALLY bad day and a big mess.  All of the loan officers listed on this blog specialize with doctors ONLY. They are battle-tested, seasoned, and recommended by your peers. Give them a call!

Do you want a Physician Loan Specialist to contact you?  We’ve made it really easy. Drop your name and preferred contact method in the form on this page and we’ll let him know you’re looking for him.

Faisal Hassan


Reid Thompson & Doug Adamson

Physician Mortgage Specialists at Fulton Bank

Email: [email protected]


 Reid Thompson & Doug AdamsonPhysician Mortgage Specialists at Fulton Bank Reid Thompson and Doug Adamson are Physician Mortgage Specialists and Certified Mortgage Advisors at Fulton Bank, dedicated to providing tailored financial solutions and navigating the financial complexities faced by medical professionals. They have been serving the unique mortgage planning needs of residents, fellows, attending physicians, and private practitioners for a combined 27...

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