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We prevent doctors from getting taken advantage of when buying a home

And it only takes minutes to find out if you qualify

For years, doctors have been taken advantage of when buying a home:

  • Most doctors leave school with huge amounts of debt
  • Most doctors have large student debt burdens
  • While many have accepted a high-paying job, they often have little in savings as they start out
  • Many don’t have a long employment history or substantial proof of income

As a result, uniformed banks and brokers treat them like any person off the street with a lot of debt and no employment history: they offer poor terms and bad rates. It leaves doctors hopeless and stuck. What should be a time of excitement quickly turns into frustration.

There is a better way.

Mortgage doctor

The Doctor Loan (or Physician Mortgage) is your answer

There are a tons of benefits, but here are a few:

  • No down payment is needed in many cases: saving you money up front
  • No PMI: giving you more buying power and lower monthly payments
  • Discounted interest rate compared to what is available out there
  • You can close up to 90 days before your start date – making the transition easier

Why haven’t you heard of this?

It’s because most banks don’t offer this type of loan, and mortgage brokers don’t have access to this type of loan either.

Our team works with lenders who understand your situation and can advocate for you and help you take advantage of this program. It’s built specifically for doctors.

All you have to do is fill out a short form to see if you will qualify. There’s no credit required, and we’ll call with a few questions. Beyond that, we’ll work with a few select banks across the country that specialize in these mortgages and will present you with your options.

Avoid the headaches, get a mortgage built for you, and buy the house you want.